Maasvlakte Terminal

Safety and environment

In the field of Safety, Health, Welfare and Environment (VGWM), Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. policy is aimed at ensuring the safety and protection of the health of its employees as well as preventing damage to the environment and property. Both our own staff and contractors working in our field have contributed to the achievement of this objective.




Passport Employees and contractors who perform maintenance work must be in possession of a safety gateway. This is one of the means by which a large number of companies, united in the interest organization Deltalinqs, guarantee safety in Rotterdam's port and industrial area.


In harmony with nature


Continuous attention to safety and the environment helps to align the Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. with nature, which is largely present on the Maasvlakte. For example, there are many types of grass, protected flower species and even orchids found on and around the terminal.




Safety and the environment 


Both external and internal consultations take a prominent place in safety and the environment. Regular consultations will also be held with DCMR Milieudienst Rijnmond. In the area of ​​Safety and Environment, substantial investments are made every year.


Bees at the Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V.


At our site there are also bees. According to experts, they produce excellent Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. honey. At Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. , work safely and efficiently with care for human and nature.


As a recognition for the integration of care for nature and business and the way in which the business area is maintained, Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. received the Horti Port Award in 1999. The Horti Port Award is awarded annually by the Municipal Port Company to companies that are positively distinguished by the design and maintenance of their outdoor space.