Maasvlakte Terminal

Our people

For Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. sincerity, integrity and respect for people are elementary concepts. We attach great importance to promoting trust and openness, cooperation, professionalism and appropriate pride in the accomplished performance.


Our policy is aimed at ensuring the safety of employees and protecting their health. Through strict procedures, frequent consultation with all stakeholders and compliance monitoring, we try to limit risks to humans and the environment to an absolute minimum. Prevention is our absolute priority. Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. has about 40 permanent staff. In addition, there is always a variable number of contractors on the terminal for maintenance and security. Via specific maintenance programs, the availability of facilities is optimized. Thus, all storage tanks are periodically cleaned, inspected and repaired if necessary. A lot of attention is paid to safety and the environment. 


Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. "BINDING" sculpture


On January 13, 1994, the Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. sculpture "Binding" was officially unveiled. The artwork has been assigned to Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. employees as a thank-you and appreciation for their commitment during the first 20 Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. years. 


The sculpture is specifically designed for Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. designed by the artist Corry Ammerlaan-Van Niekerk. The design had to symbolize 20 years of cooperation with the partners and assigned to Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. employees who have largely participated in these 20 years. 


The final design has been named "BINDING"; Binding of Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. with the partners. The human figure in the sculpture, now placed on our site, stands for Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. employees and the 6 rings symbolize the 6 partners. The 'image' radiates a lot of service, because we, as it were, carry our partners.