Maasvlakte Terminal

Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. is one of the largest oil terminals in the world. As a joint venture of well-known oil companies, we have been performing an important function in the logistics chain between oil producers and the five Dutch refineries for almost 40 years. Due to the good maritime infrastructure, the largest tankers can moor at us.


As a result, the vast majority of crude oil is supplied with supertankers; Ships up to 400,000 tons of DW and with a draft of more than 22 meters. Together with our own storage facilities and a comprehensive underground pipeline network for crude oil transport, this provides an attractive situation for the partners.


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Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V., was established in 1972 as a partnership between five oil companies and a tank storage company. We only work for our current shareholders: BP, Esso, Q8, Shell, Total and Vopak. We have a throughput of 40 to 45 million tonnes of crude oil per year. With a storage capacity of 4.1 million tonnes, we are the largest oil storage terminal in the world. By way of illustration, if you refined that amount, over 3.2 million cars can run a year. Nevertheless, we are a small organization: we manage the job with 43 permanent employees.


Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V. core business is the raising of crude oil. Through our network of pipelines we provide all Dutch refineries. Because we do not process the oil at Maasvlakte Oil Terminal N.V., this work is not only efficient, but also clean and safe. These core values are very important. At the terminal we have not had an accident for years. Our care also extends to the environment. We have already received the Horti Port Award from the Municipal Port Company for the natural maintenance of our site.


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Logistics Department